Hello everyone! I'm so happy that you have come to see my jewelry, thank you so much! You just don't know how much it means to me to have you here! Well, I'll tell you a little about me and the reason I started making jewelry, and although it will be hard, I will try and keep it short! I was a long distance truck driver for almost 19 years, I drove together with my Husband of 24 yrs., until I was diagnosed with a bone disease and they made me quit working. I told myself right then that at 50 I was not going to lay down and just die! So I bought myself a Honda Trike, a tiny teardrop camping trailer and some jewelry supplies and planned on going around the country making and selling my jewelry. Well, the jewelry part evolved, but the traveling part is still eluding me! I did buy the bike and camper, but I have, like all the rest of the world, other issues that have kept me from starting my traveling adventures yet. But, hopefully it won't be much longer and I will be able to fulfill the rest of my dreams. I have been very blessed though, I am still well enough to climb on and off my motorcycle and hopefully will be able to for a long time to come, because that is the one thing in my life that I love as much as my jewelry making. So, maybe someday I will meet some of you at some small venue somewhere in these United States, but until then please feel free to keep coming back to this site and browse my tiny art pieces and if you need to ask me any questions feel free to e-mail me at any time. I hope you have a wonderful day! E-mail Add: judyscustomjewelry@gmail.com

Judys Custom Jewelry

Welcome to my store! Please come in and look around! And thank you for being here! ALL WORK GUARANTEED! If you don't like a color or metal that something is made of I can try to duplicate it with whatever you would like. Can also take orders for custom sizes, color of gemstones, etc.