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Item collection 7254955 original Gallery hero 7254955 original

Silver and Blue Earrings-Item # 0156


Item collection 2421034 original Gallery hero 2421034 original

Gemstone and Brass Bangle-Item # 0031


Item collection 7254948 original Gallery hero 7254948 original

Macrame and Copper Bracelet/Anklet-Item # 0157


Item collection 2608356 original Gallery hero 2608356 original

Sterling Silver and Rose Quartz-Item # 0050


Item collection 7350332 original Gallery hero 7350332 original

Black Leather Wrap Bracelet-Item #0170


Item collection 7166245 original Gallery hero 7166245 original

Chandelier Earrings-Item # 0164


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Judys Custom Jewelry

Welcome to my store! Please come in and look around! And thank you for being here! ALL WORK GUARANTEED! If you don't like a color or metal that something is made of I can try to duplicate it with whatever you would like. Can also take orders for custom sizes, color of gemstones, etc.